Sábado 22 de mayo de 2004  

Posted by CR3364N

Again I’m here, right in front of nothing, thinking, watching, feelingless, as always; I came here, to take someone else’s job. Another one has left us, another one is sated free.
I’m here, with this bound that no one knows it’s life. Again, rain, clouds in my head. In that place, that place that you know as well as me, this loneliness, this sad, this nothing. I’m getting tired of this, getting bored of this “living”, this “life”.
“Life”.... as if someone really knows what is it. The pouring hearts are standing right in front of my soul, my soul is torn in peaces, I’m no one, besides I’m everyone, there’s no god, perhaps I’m your god, I’m the beginning and the everything.... for myself.
No one controls fate, ‘cause there’s no fate, god takes luck in his hands, but there’s no luck, besides, there’s no god. Just thinking, just flying, just sitting in front of my PC, once again, a day has passed by, an angel has drop it’s wings, and I’m still here, right in front of you.
Watching, thinking, catching, I’m no dream catcher, I’m nothing. The murder, the suicide, the soul flies right like fly kites. In the cold, in the rain, resting in pieces, resting in pain. No one got it, no one will see, no one will know and no one I am.
I’m caught, caught in dreams, caught in words, caught in writing. Someone said sometime ago, why write? Just couldn’t answer, I don’t know the answer, just if there’s an answer.
I’m here, just in front of you, over you, over a lot, under the everything. Nothing rides me out of control, I’m in, I’m over that; I “feel” it, I know it’ll drive me mad, make me nuts, but I know it, so, it has no power over me, it’s no source of my desperation; so, it’s not living, it’s not living when you are over the “living rules”, when what you are suppose, it’s not what you are, it’s not what you want, it’s not like a murder....... of yourself.

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