Domingo, 23 de mayo de 2004  

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Mudvayne’s Death Blooms Quote:
“…fly kites wrestle jump and play
swing to waves that crashed to shore,
memories in me, cocooned in misery…”
In the blossoming of the nevertheless rests a little elf of the nothing, that’s me or that’s you, right now, I don’t care. It’s dreams, it’s pain.
Why can’t you stand in there for a while??
Why you can’t even question yourself, why??
Right now, I just want to lay in my back, watching at the stars, counting them, becoming one, I just want to raise my dream……..s, I just want to run.
The rain again is coming, the cloudy days had never gone away. And then while I’m away, I’ll write home no a day; and I keep out all my “feelings” from you.
When you can’t understand, when you can’t control yourself, when the fingers just dance, and the characters just appear in front of you, when the writes comes and your soul goes; that’s, there’s when the nuts have break through your mind.
Besides, perhaps, but… a lot of obstacles, a lot of holes, black holes, black nights, black whites. I’m so high when I have no more to fall, when my back hits the ground, and your feet kisses my face, when the weight of the society breaks my back and my pain it’s nothing more than a pool of blood. This fight, this war, when you just can’t fall. But the dawn of a new whatever will come, when your feet walks through a field of faces and asses, when stars fall back from the sky, and the birds will fly out the space; that day when the dark gets light and the light blind the brightness.
The blinds will see and the cripples walk, I'm no deaf besides I can't hear your voice, I'm no blind but I can't see you standing, walking, fighting.
Killswitch Engage’s Fixation on the Darkness Quote:
“…come together inside, this body is only a shell, change
the only way we will survive light transfiguration of the soul
of the soul, of the mind…”

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