Just whatever.... a poem  

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"Flying thoughts..."
No words have been spoken...
So shameless are some words…..
If everything is relative and
Nothing is proved for sure, then
We live in a dream, nothing’s real
So then….
What name deserves this??
Who knows?? Who cares??
Why some words tear down my soul??
Even if they’re powerless and meaningless!!
I realizes now…
Because U said them
Don’t get it??, don’t mess it, don’t think it
Just keep it, feel it, absorb it

I absorbed it… but then it absorbs me…
Damn it, damn me, damn u, damn us, damn everything
Worried about not getting a shit of yourself??
Crying 4 being alone??, 4 being so sad??, 4 feeling nothing??
4 being so stupid??…
Cause I do it sometimes, when time was a thing that matters
Now on…
Time, space, feelings, far away from here
…from me, from u, from us…
and who cares??
Nobody knows, or maybe nobody cares
Why this?? Why you?? Why me?? Why us??
What do you think??
Don’t even think!!!
Just fly, open your eyes & let them ride you to the stars
“Where the oceans meats the sky” ;)
you remember, you shacked, I crushed
that’s how goes the line, which line??
THE line, just life, no reality
Dreams and thoughts, bypass my mind
That’s was when I had a mind,
Now I’m slave of my own despair, of myself, of my thoughts

I don’t realize, I’m not a half the man I want to be
Cause I want to be no man, I want to be myself
So close of the stars, of my dreams, of my life
Then I see that I cannot fly
I have no wings, just friends
Are my wings, but not my dreams
The time is coming, the duty has been put
No way to escape, … or maybe just a way
Escape!!!… from ourselves, from yourself, from this place
No suicide, in physical matters
Just spiritual stuff
The suicide is near
We’re not so many, cause we’re not somebody
We’re not specials, we’re ourselves
Or maybe we’re nobody
Just then, the stars will divide my dreams…
Or maybe just then…
I will have a DREAM!!!

Esteban Torres Hernández
|| 23/02/04 || 23:40 ||

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