Martes 25 de Mayo de 2004  

Posted by CR3364N

Today as so long before. Talk, look at someone, opened my mind, fly through. Dirty glasses in my table, no white plates for the dinner.
An angel in the nightmare, a devil in my dreams. Going out inside myself, loosing myself inside the outer space. The mythical anything is getting closer, and I’m no afraid, I’m just here, standing, walking in circles, drawing squares, with my bloody chalk. Have no pilots, paint with no paint, just drawing with my fingers, drawing fingerprints.
Smiling with no mouth, looking out with ears and touching with my tongue. Everything is spongy inside itself, but nothing is grease for them. No sense, sense is sensitive when insane is unclear, when psycho and the satanic will be good and god for miracles will be poisonous.
When the hell burns out in cold and the cotton clouds will melt in ice. The sun makes me darker, the moon lights my heart. The souls are torn apart of their shoes. The bodies lye in the ground of the bullshit.
Walking, running or just flying, the care of rabbits is so simple, the mice runs inside my head, but the dogs are still out there. The toothless dog makes me sad, the freedom journey has just begun, but the goal of groovy makes me doubt.
Don’t want anymore explanations, don’t want to give them, don’t want to get them. Just don’t want to, don’t want them, just want nothing. Open minded, close hearted, wingless spirited.
Creamy chocolate cake, strawberries in the top, spongy inside, so sweet. The spoon dance in my mouth with the cake and my hand. The eyes hear jealously, and my ears broke out in tears.
Music “on the run” clank into my head, the boat has just sank and the tailors swim out there. The water makes a cycle that swallow all that’s close enough to see, if you look without glasses, water will burn your eyes.
So shameless are the children when the sugar stands for ants, if elephants could fly the cows could be jealous and the milk will fly through the sky, dancing and drawing, drawing fingerprints… drawing images of me.

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