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My life has been that, the life of a warrior who nevers surrenders in front of the enemy... I've fall many times and I've always got back on my feet, swords at hands and ready for the next battle, for the next foe to fall...

How many times have I been down? I don't remember anymore... I don't really mind anymore as long as there is another war to fight, another victory to achieve...

Mi mind is full with troubles and vicissitudes (correctly spelled??) yet I won't give up...

How hard it is for a lot of people to understand that the true meaning of living is not giving up to fights and battles? That each fall allows them to learn more and be better prepared for the next round???

I'm a warrior, thats what I am... A guardian of my dreams... A bodyguard for the hearts of those I love... I'll prevent you from take any harm if it is in my power to do it, or at least I'll give my sword and my body to become a barrier for you to stand up again...

Come, warriors everywhere... Let the world know what we are...

Warriors of the World
By Manowar

Here our soldiers stand from all around the world
Waiting in a line to hear the battle cry
All are gathered here, victory is near
The sound will fill the hall, bringing power to us all

We alone are fighting for metal that is true
We own the right to live the fight, we're here for all of you
Now swear the blood upon your steel will never dry
Stand and fight together beneath the battle sky

Brothers everywhere - raise your hands into the air
We're warriors, warriors of the world
Like thunder from the sky - sworn to fight and die
We're warriors, warriors of the world

Many stand against us, but they will never win
We said we would return and here we are again
To bring them all destruction, suffering and pain
We are the hammer of the gods, we are thunder, wind and rain.

There they wait in fear with swords in feeble hands
With dreams to be a king, first one should be a man
I call about and charge them all with a life that is a lie
And in their final hour they shall confess before they die

[Repeat chorus]

If I should fall in battle, my brothers who fight by my side
Gather my horse and weapons, tell my family how I died
Until then I will be strong, I will fight for all that is real
All who stand in my way will die by steel

Brothers everywhere - raise your hands into the air
We're warriors, warriors of the world

[Repeat chorus to fade]

I'm simply random today... Sorry 'bout that...

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